A Personal Injury claim is broken into two parts: Liability and Damages. You need to have both to have a case.

  • Liability is a fancy way to describe how responsible the other party was for what happened to you. In a personal injury case, JFB Law is looking to prove some type of carelessness (negligence) on the other person’s part – for example, an injury that was caused by someone that was driving too fast for conditions or wasn’t paying close enough attention to the road. It’s not enough that you fell down or got into a car crash, it needs to be someone else’s fault that it happened in order to have a case.
  • Damages is the term lawyers use to describe the money you lost due to the other person’s negligence – usually medical bills and missed work. For example, if you broke your leg in an auto accident, you can collect money for the ambulance ride, your hospital bills, any physical therapy, and lost wages that result. As part of a personal injury case, you’re also entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering as well as any long-term injury or disability you receive. Like Liability, it’s not enough that you fell down or got into a car crash, you need to suffer an injury in order to have a case.

Personal Injury: JFB Law Representation

John F. Baker represents good, hardworking people that were injured as they were living their everyday lives. Over the last decade, we have been honored to serve personal injury clients in Aurora, Illinois, and surrounding communities such as Naperville, Oswego, Wheaton, and Warrenville for cases such as:

Motorcycle on the street after getting hit by a carAuto Accidents where someone crashes into your car. Car crashes are the most frequent type of personal injury claim we see (and the main reason most people will hire a lawyer in their lifetime).

Trucking Accidents where a commercial truck crashes into your car. There are more semi-trucks and delivery trucks on the roads every year, so these types of claims are increasingly common.

Motorcycle Accidents where someone crashes into your motorcycle. Due to the circumstances, motorcycle crashes usually result in severe injuries. As a rider himself, John is uniquely suited to understand and handle these claims.

Slip and Fall incidents where you fall on someone else’s property. While traffic accidents are typically straightforward and easy to prove, slip and fall cases rely on our ability to prove the other party’s negligence. JFB Law is an expert in dealing with these specifics.

Personal Injury: What Matters to You

You deserve a lawyer that understands what you’re going through and can help you navigate your claim. More than that, you deserve an advocate that takes your calls and speaks in a language you can understand. When approaching your case, our main goal is for you to focus on getting better. Let us worry about the rest!

Here are the most common concerns we see:

How will I pay for treatment? Medical bills are expensive and they add up fast! In the United States, medical bills alone can easily be the most stressful part of any injury. Luckily, your bills are limited to a certain percentage of your total settlement. While you’re treating, we can work with your medical providers to delay payment until your case is resolved, get them to work on a lien, and prevent your account from going to collections. When your case is done, we will negotiate and settle your bills. The most important thing is: Don’t ignore them!

A woman slipping and falling on ice outside in the winterWhy is their insurance company so aggressive? Dealing with insurance adjusters is overwhelming and exhausting. They’re always in a hurry for you to make a decision. What should you say and how do you know if you’re making the right choice? It’s important to remember that the opposing adjuster is not on your side. It their job to pay you as little as possible for your claim. Fortunately, once you hire a lawyer, all communication with the adjuster goes through us! We’ll discuss all settlement offers with you and advise you every step of the way to get what you deserve.

Am I going to get anything out of this? Once the shock wears off, this is the next logical question – and there’s no shame in asking! At the end of the day, the hard truth is that any attempt to put a price tag on your ordeal cheapens what you went through. While no amount of money can truly compensate you for the hurt you suffered, the loss of safety, or the disruption of your life, we’ll stand beside you every step of the way to ensure you receive the maximum possible award through settlement or trial.

How long will this take? The honest answer is that it will take as long as it takes. The first step is for you to finish treating. How long that takes depends on how much treatment you need (which is between you and your doctor). Then we have to request all of your medical records, send a demand, and try to negotiate a settlement. If your case settles, it usually takes up to six months after your treatment is done. In the event we have to file your case, though, it will take at least another year. But don’t worry, you don’t have do anything for most of that time and we’ll give you regular updates along the way (as frequently as you prefer) so you know what’s going on.

How will I pay for this? The best news is personal injury cases don’t cost you anything out of pocket! All personal injury matters are handled on a contingent basis, which means you pay nothing up front. When the case if over, we get a set percentage of whatever money we get for you.

Let’s discuss your case

Your physical and mental health is the most important thing to us. Above all, we want to help you feel better and get the compensation you deserve. If you or a loved one were injured in an accident or fall, call us at (630) 801-8661 and tell us how we can help.

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