Commercial Leases – Part 2

I started this series on commercial leases one month ago. My goal is to cover all of the major issues in a commercial lease over the course of four posts (or maybe more). If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact me for more information. Buildout Buildout tends to be a big […] Continue Reading

Commercial Leases – Part 1

I recently led a seminar on commercial leases for my local Small Business Development Center. I have led two such seminars, and I realized that I could share what we discussed as part of my blog and maybe help many more people. I expect that this will be a series of posts, perhaps four or […] Continue Reading

Is a Company Liable for Being Hacked?

Data breaches are becoming everyday news. When large companies are hacked, we all hear about it, but small companies get hacked too. Hacking isn’t like the movies, either. It’s not a solo person in their parents’ basement typing vigorously through your firewall. No, hackers are likely breaking into your system by sending emails. It’s the […] Continue Reading

Legalities of Contract Tracing Precautions

I appeared in court last week in a courthouse that I have not visited since March. I have plenty of cases there, but the judges have been very efficient at keeping attorneys out of the courtrooms. I had to attend because I had clients who were appearing. When I arrived, security asked me a battery […] Continue Reading

Rollover into a Business Startup (ROBS)

I was recently contacted by a potential client that asked about using a rollover into business startup (ROBS) to fund his new business. I had heard of a ROBS, but I didn’t know much about how it worked so I decided to do some research. A ROBS account (a very unfortunate acronym, in my opinion) […] Continue Reading

Conducting Trials via Zoom

Many courts have opted to use Zoom or other video conferencing platforms to conduct their courtrooms since the pandemic hit in March. For most status dates and procedural issues, these conferencing platforms work fine. In my experience, they are a bit slower than in-person court, but they generally get the job done. However, I do […] Continue Reading

Data Use in Complex Civil Litigation

Data is the next frontier in just about everything. Every tech company claims to be a data company (or an AI company, which is basically the same thing these days), and for good reason. Data has become extremely powerful thanks to artificial intelligence’s ability to comb through huge amounts of information. That information contains our […] Continue Reading

Video Game Streaming Bans

I don’t frequently write about video games (in fact, this may be my first or maybe second time), but I am known to dabble in games from time-to-time. In any case, I recently heard the story of DrDisRespect and his recent ban from Twitch. DrDisRespect refers to himself as the “most ruthless competitor in game […] Continue Reading

The Effect of COVID on Small Business

With case numbers rising across numerous states in the US, many have started to question what the long-term effects of COVID will be on small businesses. Here in Illinois, small businesses have just now started to partially open. If we have a second spike, as many experts are predicting and the data is suggesting, how […] Continue Reading

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Geofencing

Over the last few years, the concept of geofencing has become a mainstay in marketing circles, and more recently it has become useful to law enforcement. It’s powerful technology that can be used for good or evil, depending on which side of law enforcement you’re on. I believe that location data is intruding on our […] Continue Reading

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