Why Settle?

Most civil cases never go to court. The estimated number of cases that end in settlements is close to 90%, and it can easily be higher. This might be shocking – to someone who has just walked away from a raw business deal, or a car accident, they want nothing more than to serve some […] Continue Reading

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Starting a Business – Part 3 – Experts you need to be ABLE to start a business

Send in the nerds! I mean experts. Opening a business is fun and takes guts. You gotta work long hours (usually) and take some chances. You will need to give more effort than you thought. Trust me, I’ve been there. But you also need some help. There are several experts you might want to consult […] Continue Reading

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Starting a Business – Part 2 – Picking a Legal Structure for your New Business

You’ve finally built up the resolve to do it; you’re going fulfill your lifelong dream of opening a kitten grooming salon. Or some other brilliant business venture. Let us assume that you’ve already done research on the market and have indeed verified that the kitten grooming industry is booming.  The business plan is drafted. It’s […] Continue Reading

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Starting a Business – Part 1

We are a small firm that seeks to help small and medium sized businesses, and we often get clients who are eager but unsure about how to get their startup off the ground. Here we hope to outline a few of the considerations a potential entrepreneur should have before starting a new business. Let’s start […] Continue Reading

E-Cigarette and Vape Product Regulations

Starting a business can be difficult, and anyone looking to start a business selling e-cigarettes or vape products can easily be overwhelmed. Due to recent panics over e-cigarettes, as well as attempts to curb juvenile drug use, this business has been heavily litigated and regulated, both on the Federal and State level. Here we’ll outline […] Continue Reading

Dissolution and Winding Up a Business

Since the beginning of the pandemic, one of the main questions I get from struggling business owners is how to dissolve a business or declare bankruptcy. There is a litany of reasons to close your business. The most common problem right now is that company owners get so in debt to their landlords and vendors […] Continue Reading

Commercial Leases – Part 4

It’s been a while since I wrote about commercial leases, but I wanted to finish up my series by discussing use, maintenance and repairs, and subleasing. If you’re interested in my last articles, you can find them here. Use When I discuss use in the context of a lease, I’m referring to the way that […] Continue Reading

Negotiating with Collectors

The pandemic has been very hard on small businesses, and many won’t survive. Our firm is offering a Covid Escape Plan, which allows business owners to wind-up their operations and close shop. As part of that process, we negotiate with creditors. Creditors can be landlords, vendors, franchisers, and/or banks. The goal is to reduce the […] Continue Reading

Breaking a Lease

Lately, I have received a number of questions about breaking leases. Unfortunately, many businesses are struggling right now due to COVID, and some are looking to shut down. The trouble that many are facing is that they have years remaining on a lease and they are concerned about the liability they might have if they […] Continue Reading

Commercial Leases – Part 3

This is the third installment of my series on commercial leases. I have noticed a general uptick in businesses (primarily new businesses) signing leases in my area. This series aims to cover the major issues that generally come up when reviewing a lease. If you need more specific help, please feel free to contact me. […] Continue Reading

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