Founded in 2012

plant on deskThe Law Offices of John F. Baker was created to serve an underrepresented group of hardworking individuals and business owners looking for quality legal representation they can understand and afford. We have a passion for explaining the law and a drive to see fellow business owners succeed.

What we discovered instead was a shocking lack of attention to clients, schedules, and professional decorum in the legal industry.

Over the last decade, we refined our model, dedicating ourselves to practicing the law by our own standards for ourselves as well as our clients, and have become a pillar of the legal community in Kane, Kendall, and DuPage Counties. Here are our principals for success:

  • Be honest with our clients and demand honesty in return.
  • Always act as friends and counsellors to our clients.
  • Constantly strive to add value.
  • Provide the right service or send the client to someone who can.
  • Always be accountable to our clients and hold them accountable to us.
  • Always treat our clients with respect and demand respect in return.
  • Hold our ethical duties above all others.
  • Seek to have fun when appropriate.
  • Retain our youthful energy and stay hungry in our pursuit of excellence.
  • Never be just another law firm.

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